Farewell to Professor Brian Boyle

May 2015 

Brian desh hi res.jpgThe Australian SKA Office is sad to say goodbye to Professor Brian Boyle who has recently finished up as Australian SKA Project Director to take up a role at the University of New South Wales. 

Brian has made a significant contribution to the SKA over many years and has been a key figure in Australia’s astronomy community for even longer.  Since arriving in Australia from the UK in 1996, Brian has led the Anglo-Australian Observatory (1996-2003), CSIRO’s Australia Telescope National Facility (2003-2009) and Australia’s SKA Office (2009-2015).

Brian’s vision, leadership and personal drive have been instrumental in bringing the Australian and Western Australian governments into the project and supporting them to play a major role in this truly iconic science facility.  His ability to inspire, strategise and lead has earned him an Australian Public Service Medal.

Along the way Brian has also managed to be a world renowned astronomer, publishing more than 300 papers and being part of the team that jointly discovered the accelerating expansion of the Universe (winning the 2007 Gruber Prize for Cosmology; 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics (won by Saul Perlmutter as leader of the Supernovae Cosmology Project team) and the 2014 Breakthrough Prize for Fundamental Physics).

David Luchetti will take on the role of Australian SKA Project Director within the Australian SKA Office, with others in the astronomy community advising the Office on SKA science issues.  David has worked alongside Brian in the Office since 2009 and looks forward to the challenge of stepping into the top role.   

On 1 July, Brian will commence in his new role as the new Director of Research Strategy at the University of New South Wales.

From everyone in the Australian SKA Office, we thank Brian for his outstanding leadership and contribution and wish him all the very best in the future.





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