SKA Science Objectives Papers

In June 2014, the meeting "Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array" was held in Giardina Naxos, Sicily, Italy to facilitate the development of an updated comprehensive description of the scientific objectives and advancements attainable by the SKA. Meeting papers of "Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array" are available on the Proceedings of Science website.

The tables below identify papers authored in whole or part by Australian or New Zealand contributors. 

Session 1: Epoch of Reionisation

The Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Reionisation with SKA (POS(AASKA14)001)
PDF Authors: L. Koopmans, J Pritchard, G Mellema, J Aguirre, K Ahn, R Barkana, I van Bemmel, G Bernardi, A Bonaldi, F Briggs, A.G. de Bruyn, T.C. Chang, E Chapman, X Chen, B Ciardi, P. Dayal, A. Ferrara, A. Fialkov, F Fiore, K. Ichiki, I.T. Illiev, S Inoue, V Jelic, M Jones, J Lazio, U Maio, S Majumdar, K.J. Mack, A. Mesinger, M.F. Morales, A. Parsons, U.L. Pen, M Santos, R Schneider, B Semelin, R.S de Souza, R Subrahmanyan, T Takeuchi, H Vedantham, J Wagg, R Webster, S Wyithe, K.K. Datta and C. Trott


Imaging HII Regions from Galaxies and Quasars During Reionisation with SKA (POS(AASKA14)015)
PDF Authors: S. Wyithe, P. Geil and H. Kim


Session 2: Cosmology

Cosmology with SKA Radio Continuum Surveys (POS(AASKA14)018)
PDF Authors: M. Jarvis, D. Bacon, C. Blake, M. Brown, S. Lindsay, A. Raccanelli, M. Santos and D.J. Schwarz


Cosmology from a SKA HI intensity mapping survey (POS(AASKA14)019)
PDF Authors: M. Santos, P. Bull, D. Alonso, S. Camera, P. Ferreira, G. Bernardi, R. Maartens, M. Viel, F. Villaescusa-Navarro, F.B. Abdalla, M. Jarvis, R.B. Metcalf, A. Pourtsidou and L. Wolz


Measuring baryon acoustic oscillations with future SKA surveys (POS(AASKA14)024)
PDF Authors: P. Bull, S. Camera, A. Raccanelli, C. Blake, P. Ferreira, M. Santos and D.J. Schwarz


Weak Lensing Simulations for the SKA (POS(AASKA14)030)
PDF Authors: P. Patel, I. Harrison, S. Makhathini, F.B. Abdalla, D. Bacon, M. Brown, M. Jarvis, O. Smirnov and I. Heywood


Foreground Subtraction in Intensity Mapping with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)035)
PDF Authors: L. Wolz, F.B. Abdalla, D. Alonso, C. Blake, P. Bull, T.C. Chang, P. Ferreira, C.Y. Kuo, M. Santos and J.R. Shaw


Session 3: Fundamental Physics with Pulsars

Gravitational Wave Astronomy with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)037)
PDF Authors: G. Janssen, G. Hobbs, M. McLaughlin, C. Bassa, A. Deller, M. Kramer, K. Lee, C. Mingarelli, P. Rosado, S. Sanidas, A. Sesana, L. Shao, I. Stairs, B. Stappers and J. Verbiest


Understanding pulsar magnetospheres with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)038)
PDF Authors: A. Karastergiou, S. Johnston, A Karastergiou, S Johnston, N Andersson, R Breton, P Brook, C Gwinn, N Lewandowska, E Keane, M Kramer, J.P Macquart, M Serylak, R Shannon, B Stappers, J van Leeuwen, J Verbiest, P Weltevrede and G Wright


Three-dimensional Tomography of the Galactic and Extragalactic Magnetoionic Medium with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)041)
PDF Authors: J. Han, W. van Straten, J. Lazio, A. Deller, C. Sobey, J. Xu, D. Schnitzeler, H. Imai, S. Chatterjee, J.P. Macquart, M. Kramer and J.M. Cordes


Testing Gravity with Pulsars in the SKA Era (POS(AASKA14)042)
PDF Authors: L. Shao, I. Stairs, J. Antoniadis, A. Deller, P. Freire, J. Hessels, G. Janssen, M. Kramer, J. Kunz, C. Laemmerzahl, V. Perlick, A. Possenti, S. Ransom, B. Stappers and W. van Straten


Session 4: The Transient Universe

The Transient Universe with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)051)
PDF Authors: R. Fender, A. Stewart, J.P. Macquart, I. Donnarumma, T. Murphy, A. Deller, Z. Paragi and S. Chatterjee


The SKA View of Gamma-Ray Bursts (POS(AASKA14)052)
PDF Authors: D. Burlon, G. Ghirlanda, A. van der Horst, T. Murphy, R.A.M.J. Wijers, B. Gaensler, G. Ghisellini and I. Prandoni


Incoherent transient radio emission from stellar-mass compact objects in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)053)
PDF Authors: S. Corbel, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, R. Fender, E. Gallo, T. Maccarone, T. O'Brien, Z. Paragi, M. Rupen, A. Rushton, S. Sabatini, G. Sivakoff, J. Strader and P.A. Woudt


Fast Transients at Cosmological Distances with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)055)
PDF Authors: J.P. Macquart, E. Keane, K. Grainge, M. McQuinn, R. Fender, J. Hessels, A. Deller, R. Bhat, R. Breton, S. Chatterjee, C. Law, D. Lorimer, E.O. Ofek, M. Pietka, L. Spitler, B. Stappers and C. Trott


Time domain studies of Active Galactic Nuclei with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)058)
PDF Authors: H.E. Bignall, S.D. Croft, T. Hovatta, J.Y. Koay, J. Lazio, J.P. Macquart and C. Reynolds


Core-collapse and Type Ia supernovae with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)060)
PDF Authors: M. Perez Torres, A Alberdi, R.J. Beswick, P Lundqvist, R Herrero-Illana, C Romero-Canizales, S Ryder, M della Valle, J Conway, J.M. Marcaide, S Mattila, T Murphy and E. Ros


Session 5: The Continuum Universe

Revealing the Physics and Evolution of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters with SKA Continuum Surveys (POS(AASKA14)067)
PDF Authors: I. Prandoni and N. Seymour


The star-formation history of the Universe with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)068)
PDF Authors: M. Jarvis, N. Seymour, J. Afonso, P. Best, R. Beswick, M. Huynh, E. Murphy, I. Prandoni, E. Schinnerer, C. Simpson, M. Vaccari, S. White and I. Heywood


Exploring AGN Activity over Cosmic Time with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)069)
PDF Authors: V. Smolcic, P. Padovani, J. Delhaize, I. Prandoni, N. Seymour, M. Jarvis, J. Afonso, M. Magliocchetti, M. Huynh, M. Vaccari and A. Karim


Identifying the first generation of radio powerful AGN in the Universe with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)071)
PDF Authors: J. Afonso, J. Casanellas, I. Prandoni, M. Jarvis, S. Lorenzoni, M. Magliocchetti and N. Seymour


Cluster Radio Halos at the crossroads between astrophysics and cosmology in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)073)
PDF Authors: R. Cassano, G. Bernardi, G. Brunetti, M. Brüggen, T. Clarke, D. Dallacasa, K. Dolag, S. Ettori, S. Giacintucci, C. Giocoli, M. Gitti, M. Johnston-Hollitt, R. Kale, M. Markevich, R. Norris, M.P. Pommier, G. Pratt, H.J.A. Rottgering and T. Venturi


Non-thermal emission from galaxy clusters: feasibility study with SKA (POS(AASKA14)075)
PDF Authors: C. Ferrari, A. Dabbech, O. Smirnov, S. Makhathini, J.S. Kenyon, M. Murgia, F. Govoni, D. Mary, E. Slezak, F. Vazza, A. Bonafede, M. Brugger, M. Johnston-Hollitt, S. Dehghan, L. Feretti, G. Giovannini, V. Vacca, M.W. Wise, M. Gitti, M. Arnaud, G. Pratt, K. Zarb Adami and S. Colafrancesco


Morphological classification of radio sources for galaxy evolution and cosmology with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)081)
PDF Authors: S. Makhathini, M. Jarvis, O. Smirnov and I. Heywood


The SKA view of the Interplay between SF and AGN Activity and its role in Galaxy Evolution (POS(AASKA14)083)
PDF Authors: K. McAlpine, I. Prandoni, M. Jarvis, N. Seymour, P. Padovani, P. Best, C. Simpson, D. Guidetti, E. Murphy, M. Huynh, M. Vaccari, S. White, R. Beswick, J. Afonso, M. Magliocchetti and M. Bondi


The Astrophysics of Star Formation Across Cosmic Time at >10 GHz with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)085)
PDF Authors: E. Murphy, M. Sargent, R. Beswick, C. Dickinson, L. Hunt, M. Huynh, M. Jarvis, A. Karim, M. Krause, I. Prandoni, N. Seymour, E. Schinnerer, F. Tabatabaei, J. Wagg and I. Heywood


The SKA Mid-frequency All-sky Continuum Survey: Discovering the unexpected and transforming radio-astronomy (POS(AASKA14)086)
PDF Authors: R. Norris, K. Basu, M. Brown, E. Carretti, A.D Kapinska, I. Prandoni, L. Rudnick and N. Seymour


Astronomy Below the Survey Threshold in the SKA Era (POS(AASKA14)172)
PDF Authors: J. Zwart, J. Wall, A. Karim, C. Jackson, R. Norris, J. Condon, J. Afonso, M. Jarvis, F. Navarrete, I. Prandoni, E. Rigby, H.J.A. Rottgering, M. Santos, M. Sargent, N. Seymour, R. Taylor, T. Vernstrom and I. Heywood


Unravelling lifecycles and physics of radio-loud AGN in the SKA Era (POS(AASKA14)173)
PDF Authors: A.D Kapinska, M. Hardcastle, C. Jackson, T. An, W. Baan and M. Jarvis


Session 6: Magnetism

Using SKA Rotation Measures to Reveal the Mysteries of the Magnetised Universe (POS(AASKA14)092)
PDF Authors: M. Johnston-Hollitt, F. Govoni, R. Beck, S. Dehghan, L. Pratley, T. Akahori, G. Heald, I. Agudo, A. Bonafede, E. Carretti, T. Clarke, S. Colafrancesco, T.A. Ensslin, L. Feretti, B. Gaensler, M. Haverkorn, S.A. Mao, N. Oppermann, L. Rudnick, A. Scaife, D. Schnitzeler, J. Stil, A.R. Taylor and V. Vacca


Studies of Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei with SKA (POS(AASKA14)093)
PDF Authors: I. Agudo, M. Boettcher, H.D.E. Falcke, M. Georganopoulos, G. Ghisellini, G. Giovannini, M. Giroletti, L. Gurvits, J.L. Gómez, R. Laing, M. Lister, J.M. Martí, E. Meyer, Y. Mizuno, S. O'Sullivan, P. Padovani, Z. Paragi, M. Perucho, D. Schleicher, L. Stawarz, N. Vlahakis and J. Wardle


Unravelling the origin of large-scale magnetic fields in galaxy clusters and beyond through Faraday Rotation Measures with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)095)
PDF Authors: A. Bonafede, F. Vazza, M. Brüggen, T. Akahori, E. Carretti, S. Colafrancesco, L. Feretti, C. Ferrari, G. Giovannini, F. Govoni, M. Johnston-Hollitt, M. Murgia, A. Scaife, V. Vacca, F. Govoni, L. Rudnick and A. Scaife


Measuring magnetism in the Milky Way with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)096)
PDF Authors: M. Haverkorn, T. Akahori, E. Carretti, K. Ferrière, P. Frick, B. Gaensler, G. Heald, M. Johnston-Hollitt, D. Jones, T. Landecker, S.A. Mao, A. Noutsos, N. Oppermann, W. Reich, T. Robishaw, A. Scaife, D. Schnitzeler, R. Stepanov, X. Sun and R. Taylor


Using Tailed Radio Galaxies to Probe the Environment and Magnetic Field of Galaxy Clusters in the SKA Era (POS(AASKA14)101)
PDF Authors: M. Johnston-Hollitt, S. Dehghan and L. Pratley


SKA studies of in situ synchrotron radiation from molecular clouds (POS(AASKA14)102)
PDF Authors: C. Dickinson, R. Beck, R. Crocker, R.M Crutcher, R.D. Davies, K. Ferrière, G. Fuller, T.R. Jaffe, D. Jones, P. Leahy, E. Murphy, M.W Peel, E. Orlando, T. Porter, R.J Protheroe, A. Strong, T. Robishaw, R.A. Watson and F. Yusef-Zadeh


Broadband Polarimetry with the Square Kilometre Array: A Unique Astrophysical Probe (POS(AASKA14)103)
PDF Authors: B. Gaensler, I. Agudo, T. Akahori, J. Banfield, R. Beck, E. Carretti, J. Farnes, M. Haverkorn, G. Heald, D. Jones, T. Landecker, S.A. Mao, R. Norris, S. O'Sullivan, L. Rudnick, D. Schnitzeler, N. Seymour and X. Sun


Cluster magnetic fields through the study of polarized radio halos in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)105)
PDF Authors: F. Govoni, M. Murgia, H. Xu, H. Li, M. Norman, L. Feretti, G. Giovannini, V. Vacca, G. Bernardi, A. Bonafede, G. Brunetti, E. Carretti, S. Colafrancesco, J. Donnert, C. Ferrari, M. Gitti, L. Iapichino, M. Johnston-Hollitt, R. Pizzo and L. Rudnick


Magnetic Field Tomography in Nearby Galaxies with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)106)
PDF Authors: G. Heald, R. Beck, W.J.G. de Blok, R.J. Dettmar, A. Fletcher, B. Gaensler, M. Haverkorn, V. Heesen, C. Horellou, M. Krause, S.A. Mao, N. Oppermann, A. Scaife, D. Sokoloff, J. Stil, F. Tabatabaei, K. Takahashi, A.R. Taylor and A. Williams


SKA Deep Polarization and Cosmic Magnetism (POS(AASKA14)113)
PDF Authors: R. Taylor, I. Agudo, T. Akahori, R. Beck, B. Gaensler, G. Heald, M. Johnston-Hollitt, M. Langer, L. Rudnick, A. Scaife, D. Schleicher, J. Stil and D. Ryu


Statistical methods for the analysis of rotation measure grids in large scale structures in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)114)
PDF Authors: V. Vacca, N. Oppermann, T.A. Ensslin, M. Selig, H. Junklewitz, M. Greiner, J. Jasche, C.A Hales, M. Reneicke, E. Carretti, L. Feretti, C. Ferrari, G. Giovannini, F. Govoni, C. Horellou, S. Ideguchi, M. Johnston-Hollitt, M. Murgia, R. Paladino, R. Pizzo and A. Scaife


Session 7: The Cradle of Life

SKA and the Cradle of Life (POS(AASKA14)115)
PDF Authors: M. Hoare, L Perez, T.L Bourke, L Testi, I Jimenez-Serra, P Zarka, A.P.V. Siemion, H.J. van-Langevelde, L Loinard, G Anglada, A Belloche, P Bergman, R. Booth, P Caselli, C.J Chandler, C Codella, G Hallinan, J Lazio, I.S Morrison, L Podio, A Remijan and J Tarter


Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)116)
PDF Authors: A. Siemion, J. Benford, J. Cheng-Jin, J. Chennamangalam, J.M. Cordes, H.D.E. Falcke, S.T. Garrington, M.A. Garrett, L. Gurvits, M. Hoare, E. Korpela, J. Lazio, D. Messerschmitt, I. Morrison, T. O'Brien, Z. Paragi, A. Penny, L. Spitler, J. Tarter and D. Werthimer


Maser Astrometry with VLBI and the SKA (POS(AASKA14)119)
PDF Authors: J. Green, H.J. Van Langevelde, A. Brunthaler, S. Ellingsen, H. Imai, W.H.T. Vlemmings, M.J. Reid and A.M.S. Richards


OH masers in the Milky Way and Local Group galaxies in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)125)
PDF Authors: S. Etoka, D. Engels, H. Imai, J. Dawson, S. Ellingsen, L. Sjouwerman and H. van Langevelde


SKA tomography of Galactic star-forming regions and spiral arms (POS(AASKA14)166)
PDF Authors: L. Loinard, M. Thompson, M. Hoare, H.J. van Langevelde, S. Ellingsen, A. Brunthaler, J. Forbrich, K. Rygl, L.F Rodriguez, A.J Mioduszewski, R.M Torres-Lopez, S.A Dzib, G.N Ortiz-Leon, T.L Bourke and J.A Green


Session 8: The Hydrogen Universe

HI Science with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)167)
PDF Authors: L. Staveley-Smith and T. Oosterloo


Exploring Neutral Hydrogen and Galaxy Evolution with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)128)
PDF Authors: S. Blyth, T.M. van der Hulst, M.A.W. Verheijen, B. Catinella, F. Fraternali, M.P. Haynes, K.M. Hess, B. Koribalski, C. Lagos, M. Meyer, D. Obreschkow, A. Popping, C. Power, L.L. Verdes-Montenegro and M. Zwaan


The SKA view of the Neutral Interstellar Medium in Galaxies (POS(AASKA14)129)
PDF Authors: E. de Blok, F. Fraternali, G. Heald, B. Adams, A. Bosma and B. Koribalski


Galactic and Magellanic Evolution with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)130)
PDF Authors: N.M. McClure-Griffiths, S. Stanimirovic, C. Murray, D. Li, J.M Dickey, E. Vazquez-Semadeni, J.E.G. Peek, M. Putman, S.E. Clark, M.A. Miville-Deschenes, J. Bland-Hawthorn and L. Staveley-Smith


Connecting the Baryons: Multiwavelength Data for SKA HI Surveys (POS(AASKA14)131)
PDF Authors: M. Meyer, A. Robotham, D. Obreschkow, S. Driver, L. Staveley-Smith and M. Zwaan


Observations of the Intergalactic Medium and the Cosmic Web in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)132)
PDF Authors: A. Popping, M. Meyer, L. Staveley-Smith, D. Obreschkow, G. Jozsa and D.J. Pisano


Galaxy Formation & Dark Matter Modelling in the Era of the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)133)
PDF Authors: C. Power, C. Lagos, B. Qin, C. Baugh, D. Cunnama, J. Fu, H. Kim, C. Lacey, L. Li, D. Obreschkow, J. Wang, Y. Wang and M. Zhu


Cool Outflows and HI absorbers with SKA (POS(AASKA14)134)
PDF Authors: R. Morganti, E.M. Sadler and S. Curran


The SKA as a Doorway to Angular Momentum (POS(AASKA14)138)
PDF Authors: D. Obreschkow, M. Meyer, A. Popping, C. Power, P. Quinn and L. Staveley-Smith


Session 9: Synergies and Other Science

Very Long Baseline Interferometry with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)143)
PDF Authors: Z. Paragi, L. Godfrey, C. Reynolds, M.J. Rioja, A. Deller, B. Zhang, L. Gurvits, M. Bietenholz, A. Szomoru, H.E. Bignall, P. Boven, P. Charlot, R. Dodson, S. Frey, M.A. Garrett, H. Imai, A. Lobanov, M.J. Reid, E. Ros, H.J. Van Langevelde, A.J. Zensus, X.W. Zheng, A. Alberdi, I. Agudo, T. An, M. ARGO, R. Beswick, A. Biggs, A. Brunthaler, B. Campbell, G. Cimo, F. Colomer, S. Corbel, J.E. Conway, D. Cseh, R. Deane, H.D.E. Falcke, M. Gawronski, M. Gaylard, G. Giovannini, M. Giroletti, C. GODDI, S. Goedhart, J.L. Gómez, A. Gunn, P. Kharb, H.R. Kloeckner, E. Koerding, Y. Kovalev, M. Kunert-Bajraszewska, M. Lindqvist, M. Lister, F. Mantovani, I. Marti-Vidal, M. Mezcua, J. McKean, E. Middelberg, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, J. Moldon, T. Muxlow, T. O'Brien, M. Perez Torres, S.V. Pogrebenko, J. Quick, A. Rushton, R. Schilizzi, O. Smirnov, B.W. Sohn, G. Surcis, G.B. Taylor, S. Tingay, V.M. Tudose, A. van der Horst, J. van Leeuwen, T. Venturi, R. Vermeulen, W.H.T. Vlemmings, A. de Witt, O. Wucknitz, J. Yang, K. Gabányi and T. Jung


Lunar detection of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)144)
PDF Authors: J. Bray, J. Alvarez-Muniz, S. Buitink, R. Dagkesamanskii, R.D Ekers, H.D.E. Falcke, K. Gayley, T. Huege, C. James, M. Mevius, R. Mutel, R.J Protheroe, O. Scholten, F. Schroeder, R.E. Spencer and S. ter Veen


Delivering SKA Science (POS(AASKA14)147)
PDF Authors: P. Quinn, T Axelrod, I Bird, R Dodson, A Szalay and A Wicenec


Precision measurements of cosmic ray air showers with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)148)
PDF Authors: T. Huege, J. Bray, S. Buitink, R. Dallier, R.D Ekers, H.D.E. Falcke, C. James, L. Martin, B. Revenu, O. Scholten and F. Schroeder


Multiple supermassive black hole systems: SKA’s future leading role (POS(AASKA14)151)
PDF Authors: R. Deane, Z. Paragi, M. Jarvis, M. Coriat, G. Bernardi, S. Frey, H.R. Kloeckner and I. Heywood


Star and Stellar Cluster Formation: ALMA-SKA Synergies (POS(AASKA14)152)
PDF Authors: G. Fuller, J. Forbrich, J. Rathborne, S. Longmore and S. Molinari


The connection between radio and high energy emission in black hole powered systems in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)153)
PDF Authors: M. Giroletti, M. Orienti, F. D'Ammando, F. Massaro, G. Tosti, R. LICO, G. Giovannini, I. Agudo, A. Alberdi, H.E. Bignall, M.P. Pommier and A. Wolter


Overview of Complementarity and Synergy with Other Wavelengths in Cosmology in the SKA era (POS(AASKA14)159)
PDF Authors: K. Takahashi, M. Brown, C. Burigana, C. Jackson, M. Jarvis, K.D Thomas D. Kitching, J.P. Jean-Paul Kneib, M. Masamune Oguri, S. Prunet, H. Shan, J.L. Starck and D. Yamauchi


Enabling the next generation of cm-wavelength studies of high-redshift molecular gas with the SKA (POS(AASKA14)161)
PDF Authors: J. Wagg, E. da Cunha, C. Carilli, F. Walter, M. Aravena, J. Hodge, E. Murphy, D. Riechers, M. Sargent, R. Wang and I. Heywood


Solar and Heliospheric Physics with the Square Kilometre Array (POS(AASKA14)169)
PDF Authors: V. Nakariakov, M.M Bisi, P.K Browning, D. Maia, E.P Kontar, D. Oberoi, P.T. Gallagher, I.H Cairns and H. Ratcliffe


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