Art Prize Rules

The 2013 SKA Art Prize Terms and Conditions
1. Definitions

“Entrant” means the person who makes a submission to the SKA 2013 Art Prize. 

“Entry” means the photographic representation of their Original Artwork(s) and entry form including text such as title and descriptive caption. 

“Original Artwork” means an art work(s) specifically created by the Entrant for the 2013 SKA Art Prize using any medium except photography, photographs, installation, collage or craft.

“The Department” means the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

2.  Eligibility

2.1  The 2013 SKA Art Prize is open to Australian citizens, permanent residents and any person with a student visa in Australia.

2.2  Entrants entering in the 12 & under category must be aged no older than 12 at the time their Entries are submitted.  Proof of age may be requested. Entrants into the 12 & under category are not eligible to apply for the open category.

2.3  Departmental employees and their immediate family are not eligible to apply for the 2013 SKA Art Prize.

3. Entry

3.1  Entrants are required to create an Original Artwork for the 2013 SKA Art Prize.  The Original Artwork must be one of the five fundamental mysteries of the universe that the SKA may give us the answers to.

3.2  To enter the 2013 SKA Art Prize, you must submit a digital file of the Original Artwork together with a 150 word (max) descriptive caption outlining what their work represents.

3.3  A maximum of five (5) Entries may be submitted per Entrant.  Entry is free.  Whilst you can enter multiple Entries, an Entrant can only win one prize.

3.4 Digital files must be supplied as:

  • JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PNG format;
  • Minimum 2000 pixel width; and
  • Where multiple Entries are submitted, each Entry must be submitted as a separate digital file and the title should include the number of the entry at the end e.g. SMITH_JOHN_EYE IN THE SKY_1, SMITH_JOHN_THE UNIVERSE_2, SMITH_JOHN_EINSTEIN_3 etc.

3.5  Entrants may be requested to supply higher resolution versions of their Entry.

3.6  Entries must be sent via email to by 11:59 PM AEST, Friday 5 July 2013.  Entries will be deemed submitted at the time of receipt by the Department and not at the time of transmission by the Entrant. 

3.7  Entries that are sent in digital form (e.g. DVD disk, USB) will not be accepted and will not be returned. 

3.8  Sculptural artworks must be in 3D form and should not exceed 40 cm in any dimension, and must have a stable base.  The overall weight and dimensions must allow for easy transportation, and not exceed the carrying capacity of a single person. 

3.9  For absolute clarity, Original Artworks do not need to be sent nor will they accepted for shortlist judging – only the digital file. 

4. Judging

4.1  A judging panel will decide upon a shortlist of Entries (Shortlisted Entries) and the 2013 SKA Art Prize winners (12 & under category and the open category).

4.2  The judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into on those decisions.

4.3  Shortlisted Entries will be displayed in the online gallery on the SKA Australia website for voting for People’s Choice.

4.4  There is no prize for the People’s Choice winner.

5. Winner notification

5.1  Winners will be notified no later than 13 August 2013.

5.2  The details of the 2013 SKA Art Prize exhibition will be posted on the SKA Australia website or otherwise advised to the winners.

5.3  All Shortlisted Entries (finalists) must provide their Original Artworks to the Australian SKA Project Office for an exhibition.

5.4  Finalists will be responsible for the cost of transporting their Original Artwork to the Australian SKA Project Office.

5.5  Titles of the Original Artwork and descriptors are subject to editorial modification without prior consultation or agreement of the Entrant.  Additional captioned comments by the curator may also accompany the exhibited Original Artwork. 

5.6  The Australian SKA Project Office will be responsible for the cost of returning the Original Artwork by registered post.


6.  Copyright ownership
6.1  The copyright in each Entry and Original Artwork is retained by the Entrant.

7.  Licence

7.1  The Entrant grants permission for:

  • A.  the Original Artwork, its title and descriptive caption to be exhibited;
  • B.  the Department to create and/or retain a digital copy of the Original Artwork.  The Entrant grants a licence to the Department (at no cost) to reproduce and publish the digital copy for use in any promotional material, publications or other for any other purpose; and
  • C.  a digital copy of the Original Artwork, its title and descriptive caption to be posted on the SKA Australia website.
8.  Warranty and Indemnity

8.1  Entrants warrant that:

  • A.  they are the creator of the Original Artwork and Entry; and
  • B.  the Original Artwork has not been previously exhibited or entered into any other competitions; and
  • C.  their Original Artwork or Entry does not contain any third party intellectual property.

8.2  The entrant agrees to indemnify the Commonwealth of Australia (as represented by this Department) and its employees, officers, contractors or agents against any claim or dispute whatsoever, which may arise regarding the Entry or Original Artwork. 


9.  Privacy notice
9.1  The Department is collecting personal information for the purposes of administering the 2013 SKA Art competition (SKA Art).  Any personal information provided by Entrants will only be used or disclosed for the purpose of administering the SKA Art including any related publications to publicise the SKA Art, delivering the exhibit, and the Department’s annual reporting. Your address and contact details will not be published in any materials.  As part of the shortlisting of Entrants process, the Department may give some or all of the personal information collected to the judging panel (which includes non-Departmental officers).  Any personal information provided by Entrants will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any other person or organisation unless such a use or disclosure is authorised by or under law.


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