Open Category

Winner: Gravity by David Yuan.David Y. - Gravity

David Yuan with his work.

Runner-up: Orion's Belt by Gemma Merritt.Gemma M. - Orion's Belt

Gemma Merrit with her work.


12 & Under Category

Winner: Life of the Cosmos by Grace Gay.

Grace G. - Life of the Cosmos

Runner-up: Alien's Eye View by Julie Zhao.

Julie Z. - Alien's Eye View


Honourable Mentions

Presenting by Xero Corp.

Xero C. - Presenting

Redshift by Jeni Hawes.

Jeni H. - Redshift

Out of the Darkness by Victor Stepanow.

Victor S. - Out of the Darkness

A New Perspective by Semko van de Wolfshaar.

Semko vdW. - Untitled


People's Choice

Winner: The Mysterious Universe by Yujin Chae.

Yujin  - The Mysterious Universe

Runner-up: The Multi Energy by Jaime Leal.

Jaime L. - The Multi Energy

Runner-up: The Four Red Moons of Albatron by Abby McGuire.

Abby McG. - The four red moons of Albatron

Runner-up: Starry Lookout by Caitlin Hughes.

Caitlin H. - Untitled

Runner-up: Eye in Space by Sophie Marie Young.

Sophie Marie Y. - Eye In Space


Australia SKA Director's Choice award

Listening by Alice Pulvers.

Alice P. - Listening
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