Exhibition Gallery

The venue - Yarra Gallery in Fed Square, Melbourne.

SKA video being showcased in Fed Square.

Seeing Stars exhibition.


Seeing Stars exhibition.

12 & under category display.

12 & under category display.

Crowd gathers for the exhibition.

SKA Project Director, Professor Brian Boyle, showing guests his feature artwork 'Enlightenment 0 & 1'.

Opening speech delivered by Professor Brian Boyle.

Awards ceremony presented by Australian Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb.

Crowd awaits the results announcement.

Honourable mention - Jeni Hawes for 'Redshift'.

Honourable mention - Victor Stepanov for 'Out of Darkness'.

Runner-up in the Open category - Gemma Merritt for 'Orion's Belt'.

Gemma Merritt with 'Orion's Belt'.

Winner in the Open category - David Yuan for 'Gravity'.

Winner in the Open category - David Yuan for 'Gravity'.

David Yuan with 'Gravity'.

Jeni Hawes with 'Redshift'.

Ruth Davis with and 'Our Sun' and 'Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300'.

Rosemary Collard with 'Cosmic Crib'.

Matthew Byford with 'Bringing the Dawn'.

Mona Hanna with 'Galaxies 3' and 'Galaxies 5'.

Neli Hawkins with 'Alien Life 1' and 'Alien Life 2'.

Lucy, Alice and Sophie Pulvers with 'Dishes in the Desert Wind' (top left), 'Listening' (bottom - Director's choice winner) and 'The Bounds of our Universe' (top right).

Eliana Min Fa with 'Celebrations at the Birth of the Universe'.

Kate Taylor with 'The Wider Picture' and Dad Alec.

Inika Byford with 'Rings and things'.

Jana Lombard with 'What's Out There'.

Mackensie D'Alton with 'The universe is in our hands'.

Tilly Pretty with 'The Milky Way'.

Julia Pajvancic with 'A Star is Born'.

Abby McGuire with 'The four red moons of Albatron'.

Sophie Marie Young with 'Eye in Space'.

Fergus Mclachlan with 'A Glitch in Time'.

Freddie on the Moon' by Sarah Murray stands guard over the 12 & under section.

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