Pawsey Supercomputer Centre Operations Launched

PawseyCentre_thumb.jpg15 November 2013: The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has officially launched its operations today.

The launch celebrates the installation of supercomputer processing and data storage facilities, making it a fully operational research facility.

SKA Project Director, Dr Brian Boyle welcomed the launch as another important step towards Australia’s involvement in hosting the world’s largest telescope.

“The Pawsey Centre is no longer just a state-of-the-art building with revolutionary new cooling systems.  It’s now a fully operational facility, bringing together Australia’s best researchers.” Dr Boyle said.

“The facility is now connected to Australia’s precursor telescopes at the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory and has begun sorting through the torrents of data they produce.”

The Pawsey Centre will continue to increase capacity over the next year, with the full petaflop system (capable of performing one million-billion calculations every second) due to be fully installed by 2014.

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