Natural Environment at Australia's SKA Site

Environmental surveys have recently been completed at the SKA site. These uncovered diverse communities of plants and animals, expanding our knowledge of desert environments. This understanding will help us to mitigate any impacts the SKA project will have on the site.

The site is home to some interesting fauna, including a variety of reptiles who like to live amongst the granite outcrops and bask in the hot Australian sun. The site is also home to birds, kangaroos and various invertebrates.

With the spring rain parts of the site come to life with ephemeral flowering plants. The sheer brown landscape of the desert is transformed as hidden seeds begin to germinate in the damper parts of the site.

The landscape is dotted with some fascinating geological features. Breakaways and rocky outcrops break up the endless flatness.

The images below were taken at the site. All images courtesy of AECOM.


Lizard hides in the shade at the MRO A skink basks in the sun with his legs up
Kangaroo and joey check out the surveyors Wave like rock formation
Rocky outcrops around the MRO Splendid fairy wren
Surveyor taking a photo of sprouting plants Rocky outcrops at the site
Annual plants burst into life at the MRO Surveyors fill in information at the site
A lizard basks in the sun
Western spiny-tailed skink sleeping in the shade


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