About the SKA

The project organisation

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is a global science and engineering project led by the international SKA Organisation. The SKA Organisation is based in the United Kingdom.

The telescope

The SKA project is currently designing and constructing the Square Kilometre Array, a next-generation radio telescope.

Australian representation

Australia’s involvement in the SKA project is managed by the Australian SKA Office. The Office represents the wide variety of Australian stakeholders.

Co-hosting the SKA

The SKA will be co-hosted by Australia and South Africa. Australia will host a low frequency array at its core site in Western Australia.


The SKA will employ a range of technologies, especially designed to meet the project’s requirements and challenges. Telescope antennas are supported by a complete system of ‘behind the scenes’ technologies including supercomputers, communications technologies and electricity generation technologies.

Science objectives

The SKA will be used by scientists to investigate five fundamental scientific questions about the universe. The SKA’s scientific mission will expand into new and unexpected areas as mankind’s understanding of the universe deepens.



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