ANZSCC Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) is appointed to provide scientific advice to the Australia/New Zealand SKA Coordination Committee (ANZSCC) to assist in achieving its strategic objectives.  In particular, the SAC provides advice that supports the delivery and protection of the Australian SKA site, and contributes to the project’s design and implementation.  The SAC has members with diverse radio astronomy science backgrounds. 


SAC Membership

Professor Carole Jackson (SAC Chair)

Western Australian Premier’s Research Fellow; Professor, Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy, Curtin University

Carole Jackson.jpgProf Jackson leads astrophysics research at the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy. She was recently Business Development Manager at CSIRO’s Australia Telescope National Facility and managed the delivery of the dish antennas for the Australian SKA Pathfinder.






Professor Stuart Wyithe

Australian Laureate Fellow; School of Physics, The University of Melbourne

Professor Wyithe is an Australian Laureate Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Professor Wyithe represents one of the overarching programmes within CAASTRO, bringing together science in the areas of reionisation and galaxy formation.






Professor Lister Staveley-Smith

Deputy Director, Science/CAASTRO; Deputy Director, ICRAR, The University of Western Australia

Professor Staveley-Smith is a Winthrop Professor at the University of Western Australia and Deputy Director (Science) within the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Professor Staveley-Smith sits on the SKA Science Working Group and leads one of its survey coordination groups.






Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith

ASKAP Project Scientist, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Dr Harvey-Smith is a Research Astronomer at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science and also the Project Scientist for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder.





Professor Naomi McClure-Griffiths

Professor, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University

Professor McClure-Griffiths is a radiophysicist and radio astronomer who has worked with the Australian SKA Pathfinder to make discoveries and provide insights into the Milky Way. Professor McClure-Griffiths was also Head of National Facility Science at the CSIRO's Australia Telescope National Facility.






Professor Andrew Hopkins

Head of Research and Outreach, Australian Astronomical Observatory 


Professor Hopkins has over 15 years experience in professional astronomy research, having held a Hubble Fellowship, an Australian Research Council QEII Fellowship, and serving as the President of the Astronomical Society of Australia (2013-15). His research focuses on the evolution of star formation in galaxies over cosmic history.






Dr Simon Johnston

Head of Astrophysics, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

SJohnston.jpgDr Simon Johnston is the Head of Astrophysics at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science having previously been Project Scientist for the Australian SKA Pathfinder. He has been involved with the SKA science development for more than 15 years.






Professor Elaine Sadler

Professor of Astrophysics, University of Sydney and Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics.

ESadler.jpgProfessor Sadler's main research areas focus on galaxy evolution and active galaxies. She currently leads ASKAP-FLASH, a project which uses the Australian SKA Pathfinder telescope to learn more about hydrogen gas in distant galaxies.









Proceedings of SAC Meetings

The SAC meets at least three times per year to discuss developments in the SKA Project and provide advice to the ANZSCC.

As a summary of each meeting is prepared it will be posted to the list below:


SAC Terms of Reference

The ANZSCC's Terms of Reference were approved by the ANZSCC on Thursday 16 July 2015. The Terms of Reference set out the terms of membership, roles, and responsibilities of the SAC, and can be accessed here.

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