The SKA is currently in the ‘pre-construction’ phase, which involves the development of system and sub-system designs, verification instruments, implementation plans and other documentation needed for SKA construction. The work has been split into a number of 'work packages'. The packages are being undertaken by consortia of international industry and research organisations, and the UK-based SKA Office.

Further opportunities for Australian and New Zealand organisations to take part in the planning and construction of the SKA will be available nearer to the start of construction in 2018.


The Australasian SKA Industry Cluster is a body of Australasian companies interested in involvement in the SKA project.  More information about ASKAIC can be found on the ASKAIC Page.

Project Updates

Keep up to date with brief reports from pre-construction activities and Australian precursor telescopes on the News and Updates page and with these useful links.

Australian SKA Pre-Construction Grants Program

Australian participation in the pre-construction work package consortia is supported by $18.8 million in Australian Government funding through the SKA Pre-Construction Grants Program.

Applications for funding under the Program closed on 15 April 2013 and the outcomes were announced on 28 May 2013. 

Australian grant recipients are participants in most of the work-package consortia.

Expressions of Interest

The Australian and New Zealand Governments separately conducted Expression of Interest (EOI) processes to identify organisations within each country interested in participating in the pre-construction project.  The objective of the EOI process was for organisations to identify specific capabilities and resources potentially available to contribute to pre-construction work. Please note that responses did not constitute a proposal to undertake work.

Further Information

Please contact one of the following email addresses if you would like to receive updates on the pre-construction project or if you have general enquiries about the SKA and the pre-construction project:



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