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The Square Kilometre Array, or SKA, is a global next-generation radio telescope project involving institutions from over 20 countries. The SKA will be the largest and most capable radio telescope ever constructed. During its 50+ year lifetime, it will expand our understanding of the universe and drive technological development worldwide.

Australia and southern Africa will each host different components of the SKA. 


Australian SKA Project Director Update 

_JC_9665_3.jpgOct 2014: It was a pleasure to attend the 2014 SKA Engineering Conference at Fremantle from 29 Sept - 2 Oct.  A great deal of progress has be made on the SKA design since last year's meeting in Manchester.  The challenge remaining for the SKA Organisation will be to ensure the collected material is sufficiently complete and comprehensive (particularly at the interfaces between work packages) to deliver a robust re-baselined design over the coming 5-6 months. More...


Latest News

Shared Sky art exhibition begins in Perth

MWhitehurst_Emu and Catepillars_Yamaji Art_2014_lores.jpgShared Sky is a collaborative exhibition of artworks by indigenous and local artists from the areas of Australia and South Africa's SKA sites.  It's a celebration of humanity's ancient cultural wisdom, alongside one of the world's greatest scientific and engineering endeavours, the SKA. 

The exhibition was officially opened by SKA Director General Prof. Phil Diamond at an event on 30 September at the John Curtin Gallery, in Curtin University, during the 2014 SKA Engineering Conference.  Hundreds of people attended the event including featured artists from South Africa and Mid West WA. See photos from the exhibition opening.

The exhibition is open to the public at John Curtin Gallery until 2 November 2014, before heading to South Africa and onwards to SKA partner countries around the world.


Tests on new ASKAP PAF impressive

The first results from ground-based system tests on the full-size second generation (Mk II) phased array feed receiver have indicated impressive system temperature across the ASKAP band.

The preliminary ‘ground-based’ aperture array tests were performed with the new Mk II prototype PAF receiver, and associated digital receivers and beamformers, on site at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia. For more information go to http://www.atnf.csiro.au/projects/askap/news_ade_18082014.html

Image credit: ATNF